Friday, April 29, 2011

Streetland 2011 - Titles and Descriptions

I'm taking part in the brillliant Streetland Festival this weekend. Streetland is a festival of community and the street and will see visual art, live art, music, theatre, food, walking tours, street games and cinema all happening in and around one small street off Victoria Road, in Govanhill.

We'll be showing a new project for the first time as part of our event "Titles and Descriptions - Be a Statue".  Come along and join us if you are in the area, Govanhill around Westmoreland Street from 12-4pm. 

"If they were to build a statue to you in Govanhill what would it say? We want to know your thoughts on the "street", the things you like, your favourite places, your secrets. We want to know your stories of the area, your hopes for the future or your memories of the past. Join us as we travel round Govanhill recording the stories of the people we meet; take a piece of chalk, write your message on the board, climb up the steps and become a statue. Or take a title from our suggestion box and then try and become that phrase.
Its a little bit of street theatre designed to get people into the spirit of interaction and hopefully thinking about the area, the community and their place in these."

[Lots more images of the results here.] 

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