Sunday, May 01, 2011

Streetland 2011 - The Statues


Here are some photos of our fantastic statues from yesterday's Streetland Festival in Govanhill, good work to all. We basically asked people, "If they were to build a statue to you in Govanhill, what would it say?" Big thanks to our excellent assistant Amber who helped out on the day and did a great job of bullying people into climbing up the plinth. (More images below in a slideshow on Flickr and info on Streetlands here)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm really not meaning to be contrary or controversial, however, i don't really see any point in all this. Is there a point in it? For the record, I've been an artist for a long time, so I'm not coming from an outside point of view.


Alburt said...

Hello Anonymous, I'm not clear exactly what you are querying?

Are you asking what was the point of the statue plinth project, or of the Streetlands Festival in general? Not sure if you followed the links in the post but incase not.

Streetlands is a voluntary art/ community event that has grown from the brilliant community work that the guys regenerating the Govanhill Community Baths have been involved with.

The mini two day festival takes place in Govanhill in Glasgow on Westmorland St. Which is quite a deprived area and has a range of social issues.

Historically its also been one of the places that migrants to Glasgow end up and as a result has a pretty fantastic mix of cultures with the new combining in interesting ways with a strong old school Glaswegian core. It is also an area that a lot of Glasgow's creative types have ended up in recently with two really interesting arts studios.

The point of the Streetland's Festival is to try and get these different people into and using the street for social activity rather than just as a space to pass through. Though I think generally it just gives everyone a really good excuse to interact with their fellow man, make stuff, listen to music, eat tasty food and try and help boost community spirit. The guys at the Baths and at Streetlands have done great things for the area, it was a fun event again and I take my hat off to them.

The point of the statue project was that it was a simple, fun idea that could encourage people to get into the spirit of interaction and get them to think about the community and what they themselves brought to it.

Most of the enjoyment and interaction came from the groups watching on as people climbed the plinth and egged on the "statue" with suggestions for what their sign should say or trying to get them to pull silly poses.

Prob around 70 folk took part and I think they and the people watching on had a lot of fun.

Hope that is of help.

I wasn't quite sure what your statement "I've been an artist for a long time, so I'm not coming from an outside point of view." means?

Were you suggesting your view was less or more insightful than that of someone who is not an artist?

Jody said...

Dear Anonymous,

People who ask 'What is the Point?' come across to me as relatively negative. Thank goodness for the people that see 'the point', they are the ones that get things done in this world and make a difference, small though it may be.

Hope that wasnt too contrary or controversial for you Ms or Mr Anonymous.

Best Wishes,


sa said...

point schmoint

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