Friday, August 27, 2010


Unmovable is the deadline for our fast approaching exhibition. Just two weeks tonight it opens. Lots to be done.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Further to yesterday's post and image about space and our place in the universe is this little drawing showing the layers of atmosphere which act as a shield and make our Earth a Goldilocks planet on which life can thrive - not too hot and not too cold, its just right.

Though in the Goldilocks tales its at that point in the story that the bears turn up and everything goes a bit pear shaped so hopefully not a very accurate analogy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Planets

Work continues a pace on our new exhibition at the Arches.

Thinking about religion, the Gods, fate etc always makes me think about a series of lectures I went to at the Science Centre Planetarium in Glasgow. Five weeks of two levtures conducted under the amazing planetarium dome where all the stars of the universe were hanging above our heads. At the end of the lecture series the tutor got us all to close our eyes. Dutifully we did so only to reopen them to see - the exact same starry night we'd been looking at just a few seconds before?

After allowing us a couple of seconds of disapointment the lecturer said we didn't look very impressed. He then said that we just taken the biggest trip any of us would ever take. The planetarium projector had just been reconfigured, instead of showing us the nights sky as it looks from Earth it had switched to showing the universe from several hundred light years to one side. Using his laser indicator he pointed out the four stars of a consteallation he had previously explained to us 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . . and now 5.

This new fifth star which had joined the end of the consteallation was actually our own sun viewed from outside our solar system. All of human history, all our great works and all our failures, all the dreams, hopes, achievements, sorrow and joy of our race's existance was encompassed on just one tiny little dot of light on the domed roof. Makes you feel pretty small.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hole in my Pocket @ The Arches 2010

We (Hole in my Pocket) have been asked to design a new exhibition for the Arches, opening night 10 September. We weren't sure what the theme of our show would be, but a couple of ideas we didn't develop the last time, coupled with the Pope's visit to Glasgow in September has given us a direction to set off in and our new show will now be exploring Religion. Its a dangerous and large subject to have fun with but we shall try our best to play with some ideas, invoke some humour and try very, very hard not to offend anyone. Fingers crossed.

"Bringing their thoughts on faith, belief and belonging to the Arches, Hole in my Pocket form their own religion and ask you to become a true believer."

As part of the show we will also be holding an event called The Sunday Service every Sunday.

"Hole in my Pocket invite you to join them for the Himp Sunday Service, an alternative to Sunday School for creative types. Come along and hear a series of sermons from top artists, designers and performers about their chosen fields, find out what inspires them and celebrate the Church of Creativity in style with some group karaoke, readings from Moby Dick and a nice cup of tea. Sundays 19 September and 3, 10 October 1 -2.30pm."

That's where we need the creative world of Glasgow to get involved. We have a few people already pencilled in to give a sermon (talk about their work) but we are looking for more. We are open to all ideas from any creative fields - artists, musicans, dancers, designers, sculptures, performers and would like a mix of people talking about their own work and the work of others who inspire them, or really on any other related topic. Talks will be with a slide show presentation of your images and will last around 5 mins. We'll keep things short and snappy in a kind of Pecha Kucha style so it will be a really fun, lighthearted and relaxed way to tell people about your work. There will be tea and scones served once its all done which will allow everyone to mingle and chat about all things creative.
As well as sermon givers are also looking for readers and suggestions for interesting passages from books, poems and other things that could make interesting readings and if anyone is in/ or knows a choir who would be interested in leading the singing through some pop hits then that would be ace.

If any of the above sounds interesting then please give us an email with your suggestions and a link to your work at

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Affected - Trailer

Here's a short trailer I edited for London based theatre company Spid. The trailer is for a film they wrote and directed entitled 'Affected' and which is about:
"Natural resources are running out, and a mysterious man known as the Tempter is goading people to fight for the luxuries they want. Teenage documentary maker Jacob and his girlfriend Laura take their camera to the scene of his last crime on the violent Eden Estate. But as people start to turn ‘affected,’ possessed by greed and empty of empathy - how will our heroes ever survive?"
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