Monday, May 28, 2012

Umbrella Objective Sneak Peak

I don't think I'm allowed to show too much of my umbrella before the great unveiling on the site. But above is a sneak peak of a bit of the umbrella I've painted for the Umbrella Objective project.

I decided to go with a space jelly fish theme and it was a rather pleasent way to spend the last few sunny days working on it. More images to follow after the launch in June.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Final Arches meal event - Change of TIME

Unfortunetly due to circumstances beyond our control, the final HIMP lecture/ performance/ meal at the Arches Cafe has shifted in time (how apt) from 6:30pm to 6pm sharp.

The focus of the event is on trying to understand the concept of "the moment" against the backdrop of the entire history of the Universe so we've got a lot to cram into the show. I'd suggest getting along as early as you can, (you can get seated from 5:30pm onwards) getting a good seat and placing your food order early.

We filled up very quickly at the last event so booking is highly reccomended - 0141 565 1035.

After the event closes I'll be around to provide little tours of the work and to take any interested souls along to the hidden exhibition room in the basement where you can experience our installation "Your Move" which is really the heart of the entire event.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Umbrella Objective

I was asked to take part in the Umbrella Objective a project in which 20 umbrellas are sent to 20 invited artists, returned, documented in film episodes and featured and sold in a Showcase Parade at Artfusion in Glasgow on June17th. (List of artists involved below)

I was working on my umbrella over the weekend and have discovered that painting on an umbrella is pretty difficult. After a couple false starts I think I've got the hang of it now and fingers crossed a beautiful bright umbrella will be ready for heavy downpours by the weekend.

You can watch a little trailer about the project here.

The people involved are:

#1 Lesley Barnes
#2 Jen Collins
#3 Ursula Cheng
#4 Alec Mackenzie
#5 Rachel Maclean
#6 Gen Ryan
#7 Lizzy Stewart
#8 Libby Walker
#9 Lydia Lieth
#10 Lindsay Grime
#11 Matthew Swan
#12 5pence
#13 Robbie Porter
#14 Rose Ruane
#15 Greer Pester
#16 Bespoke Altelier
#17 Jenny MacGregor
#18 Laura Martin
#19 Andrew Denholm
#20 Hole in my Pocket

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Famous Scots

More drawings for this Scottish project. Two famous Scots.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Taking over teatime

Today I am having fun with a little design project for someone with an interest in all things Scottish. So what sums up Scotland, apart from tartan Shortbread tins.

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