Monday, September 28, 2009

Transformers . . .

Ann and I recently went to Budapest and we saw lots of amazing things and it was all sunny and lovely but the thing that has most stuck in my mind about the trip is a sight I spotted in Prestwick Airport on our way out the country.

In amongst the range of strange items that the Duty Free shop sell - (do people really buy camcorders and televisions in airports on their way onto the plane?) - I spotted some toys including a range of Transformers. Having just recently seen the nonsense, rubbish that was the last movie I decided for some reason to take a closer look.
Now I'm no expert on the subject but I am pretty sure that there is one key component that all Transformer toys will probably share - the ability to Transform into cars and planes. Imagine my surprise then when I discovered that the new range of toys do not transform. You can buy each character in either robot form or in vehicle form! Requiring parents to buy two different toys to appease their young cubs. This is insane!!! The whole point of the blooming things was that they can Transform from one object into another, ensuring hours of flexible playtime and huge frustration as impatient young stubby children fingers press too hard and snap off a leg.
Hasbro have stolen this experience from today's kids and instead all they get is a crappy plastic immovable robot for £6 and then have to go buy an equally crappy plastic toy car for another £6. The toy car has the hilarious addition of the robot's form imprinted onto the bottom like a shriveled up mummy. It makes it look like the robot has been run over by a comedy steam roller.

The amazing thing is no matter how badly these toys have been made, and no matter how poorly thought through the design, execution and intent might have been, they are still a million miles better than the Transformers 2 movie - in which giant monster robots doing battle in the centre of Tokyo are a secret covert force. Biggest load of Micheal's and Zoe's that I've seen in a long, long time.
This was another sign that the world has truly gone mad. It started a couple of years ago when "Wash and Go" decided to bring out two separate bottles for "those that want a bit more control".

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Minor absence

Apologies for a minor absence for nearly 8 weeks. It has been quite some time involving trips to Budapest, London, Harris, Pitlochry and two weddings.

The time has also involved lots of workmen destroying and then rebuilding and then destroying my flat, a large move, the gas board twice, the smashing up a cast iron bath and discovering no one will take it away, a big leak, lots of plumbers looking at things, scratching their heads and leaving.

It has included the completion and judging of the Common of Houses competition, the collapse of a Lighthouse, sticking out like a sore thumb amongst all the penguins at the National Opera, the construction of a pantry and a war with beetles and flies.

Worst of all it has been a period in which lady luck has left me and the gremlins are trying to mess with my mind - both cars keys have vanished, my phone disappeared and then so did my bank card. Two out of three have finally been found but I'm still walking and cycling at the mo sadly.
Life begins afresh tomorrow and new work will appear here soon.

EDIT: Life did not begin afresh. I forgot I had to deal with an exploded out of date smoothie which had somehow managed to blow its lid off through the bin bag and all over our front door and the close steps. Also the plumbers that were supposed to come today to fix the leak, turned up scratched their heads and informed me that they now couldn't do the work and I'd need another company. Arrrrrgh.

New world begins tomorrow - I hope.

Badges Galore

Series 8 of Sterohype's BIO (by invitation only) badges have just been released and here is the full list of amazing new talents on offer.
Allan Deas,
Andy J. Miller @ Koma Design,
Allistair Burt aka Alburt,
Anja Gerscher,
Bálint Egyed @ Voov,
Fiona Hamilton @ Soma Gallery,
Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek @ FL@33,
Greig Anderson @ Effektive Design,
Heiko Hoos,Jan von Holleben,
Karin Kloubert @ April Mediengruppe,
Madeleine Duba,
Peter Crnokrak @ The Luxury of Protest,
Mike and Katie @ TADO,
Tom Würzburg,
Yuko Michishita.
As some of the eagle eyed of you might have noticed I'm pleased to say that I've managed to scrape into the above list. Click here to see my designs.

As my payment I get to choose 15 badges from their amazing back catalogue - quite excited I'm away to shop.
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