Friday, September 12, 2008


Few extracts from my book the Lighthouse - first in a series of four books about the lonely life of a little lighthouse keeper and the real reason he stays on his island (£4.50 exc p+p). The second part is almost complete and will be on sale soon too.

Super T-shirt

Just remembered about the film Sammy's Super T-shirt from the late 70's. About a wee boy who's t-shirt accidently becomes part of a science experiment and ends up giving the boy super speed and strength. I'm totally making myself my own T-shirt with the above image.

Sammy's Super T-shirt

Monday, September 01, 2008

La gay Paree

Just got back from an enjoyable office trip to gay paree. Was very nice, I'd never been to Paris or France before for a whole host of reasons. We had a great time, despite missing out fallen comrades. Was good to finally see all the famous sites and sounds.

poppydo centre arty stuff

le tower

Park near le tower - how come paris has so much space

the seine

the louvre

musee d'orsay

very fancy dining room in the musee d'orsay

wee mini houses built around the world - exhibit of Edouard Sautai at the Pompidou Centre
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