Monday, January 16, 2012

Potato - fun words to say

Funny the things that go through your mind when you should be doing something else. The word Potato just got stuck in there and I realised what a fun word it is to say. It is also a very versatile and tasty veggie who provides his service in many forms from mash to crisps. Here's to the Potato.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I keep a folder on my desktop into which I save images I find which I like. Today I realised that there are now nearly 5,000 of the little blighters. Having just spent the best part of an hour clicking through and reminding myself about how many brilliant artists, designers and crafty types there are out there I am both inspired and very daunted to start drawing a new project. There are a lot of really talented folks out there making some amazingly cool things. I have just spent the last hour going "oh boy I wish I'd drawn that." This has also made me think about a nice little interview I read earlier today by an artist whose images are in my little image shrine.

You can see one of the many illustrations that Shout has drawn above and you can read more about his work and the story behind his name here on Illustration Friday.

Happy 2012

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