Friday, March 13, 2009

The annual picnic was legendary

[Might need to click on image to see it bigger. ]

Pleasent day so far - tended to the plants on the roof and watched some squirrels chasing each other in the park. Need to fly to London this afternoon but I think I'd like to get working on some new ice cream flavours and my ideas for the book design project.

Ah well, should find out on Monday if my badges have made it through to the next round - fingers crossed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Southside Festival

The Southside festival is coming up again soon and Ann is again on the steering group helping orginise it. She is a very busy bee and has just finished making the festival a brand spanking new website. -

I have also tried to help out a bit by mocking up a couple of posters for two of the mini local events taking place during the festival - a silent film night and a tea dance taking place at the local church hall. My two posters are above - I am pretty please with them but they might require a redesign due to image rights.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

but its a giant horse???

I've avoided posting anything about this so far - because I kept expecting someone to admit it was just a big joke. But apprently its not, they really are building a giant horse in the South of England - you could not make that up if you tried.

I'm not really sure what the point of it is, or what message it is trying to convey. They are going for a super realistic style which would suggest that it is meant as slightly Po-faced but all the infor I've read about it suggests that they are completly genunine about it and the giant horse is irony free. I enjoy that the media has dubbed it the angel of the south! I maybe wrong - but it is quite clearly a horse not an angel - unless they are going to stick wings on it and make it into Pegusus. Maybe there is a greek connection and the whole thing will be full of soldiers?

I think they should just accept that the whole notion is absurd and if they do decide to build it then they should stick an even more giant jockey on its back.

Or stick on hundreds of normal size jockeys - cause lets face it - jockeys are quite funny.

Badge of dis-honour

I decided to enter my "Keep calm and Spend more" design into the Sterohype's - button badge competition. Currently they are sitting in amongst 344 other entries awaiting the review of the judges. Fingers crossed they get on well and we get some good news next week.

Found art - notice 01

I was digging through some old sketch books the other day and came upon my collection of found objects, notices, playing cards, shopping lists and discarded photos. I realise that I've not really shown this rather nice collection before so have decided to put that right. Above is a notice found in a city centre lift - it is beautiful in its own simple way.

Somewhere I have another wonderful notice which I found stuck in the middle of an empty notice board in a pub. It read "Notice: Please do not remove this notice, there is a copy behind the bar."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We all scream for ice-cream

Ann and I just got back from a weekend in Latvia for her birthday. Riga was really nice, lots of old buildings and cobbled streets, but in a slightly lived in, run down feeling which felt far more really than a lot of cities you go to now where its all been touristed up. Give it time though and it will soon catch up though.

As it was Ann's birthday my suitcase was pretty much just full of presents but there was one set of presents I couldn't bring. At Christmas Ann got me an Ice-cream recipe book. True to form as soon as I'd mastered the basics I started experimenting with my own concoctions. For Ann's birthday I made her drumstick lolly flavour and blueberry and blueberry ripple.

Being the pedantic graphic designer that I am, I also made some labels for the boxes as seen below.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Too-wit, too-woo

Following on from my plunge into the good sea facebook - I have also joined the twittering world too. I am even less sure what you are supposed to do with it. With all these web pages online to be updated its a wonder that anyone gets anywork done. I know I've just spent most of the night trying to synch up the twitter with this blog and choosing pretty logos instead of getting on with a poster I should be doing.

Twitter does seem like nonsense fun though so I look forward to tweeting you all.

ps - does anyone know how to get the text in my side bar to not tab inwards on the second line of my twittering. Tis annoying when it is not aligned correctly.
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