Monday, March 19, 2007

It "totally" works

Well it took me ten days to get it to work but I think I have finally managed to get a hang of this html thing. The new site is online, albeit in a temporary home, before it moves to be part of the Hole in my pocket site properly. But for now you can click on the links above and see other bits and pieces I've made.

Only the blog main page is fixed into place, so don't bookmark any other pages just yet. Please let me know, if anyione finds any missing links, corrupt images or just badly spelled and written words.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Under Construction

Gav's snow duck - 2006 (by Gav)

I am attempting to smarten up this blog and make it a bit more seamless with my section of Hole in my You may notice a few changes in the next week as I try and work out what all the html stuff is all about. Fingers crossed I don't screw the whole thing up completely and it disapers.

I may also try learn how to spell things better.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek (Click to view larger image)

Busy weekend, running errands, sanding wood and visiting an exhibiton (designed by a friend) of work by two artists at the Tramway in Glasgow. Was an interesting show, think my three favourite items were, a big black wall dividing the space, a video of colour blobs moving about to music and the strange light on a couple of paintings that made them look holy.

I did, as always, struggle to understand the explanation handout or why none of the works had titles. The handout contained lots of phrases about "the viewer creating the work in the moment of experience" which I tend to think is a cop out for art, when it's really just abstract non-sense and is pretending to have some kind of deeper meaning. That being said, I did enjoy the show.

This weekend I also had nice chats with; an old man on the bus who used to drive tanks, a balding man who collects antique mechanical devices and a slightly drunk lady who was taking photos of the moon eqlipse, with her flash so "it will come out brighter".

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