Monday, April 04, 2011

The Greatest Lie

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I Googled "the greatest lie" and discovered that apparently its "Evolution". This site in particular has a long list of "articles" from "experts" making their unrefutable case. Damn that Charles Darwin and all his Scientific theories lying to me all these years, makes me feel very silly.

Also of great interest is this site where you can see how dinosaurs and humans actually lived happily side by side, Flintstones style. You learn something new everyday.

[Images above are from our Himptology exhibition at the Arches in which we reflected on ideas of belief and belonging by forming our own "religion" centered around ideas of creativity not a deity, on creating not creation. With 80's singalong on a ukuele, a full bluesgrass choir and sermons from artists, architects and scientists about their practice. What a waste of time, could have just played the Flinstones movie with Dan Goodman. Would have been a nice tribute to Liz Taylor too. I blame my science teachers for filling my head full of lies.]


Anonymous said...

Darwin is a lie. Glad to see people finally acknowledging this.

Alburt said...

@Anonymous eh, that wasn't really what I was saying

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