Saturday, January 19, 2013

You arrrrr so wonderful

I've designed a new series of loved up cards for Valentines Day. The first cards are from a new range that feature a pirate called 'Bluebeard'. (Which as a name for a series of Valentines cards gives me a dark chuckle.)

I'll upload some of the other designs on here next week but you can see them all on my Etsy(US+World) and Folksy(UK+Europe) sites.

The cards have also been selected by the lovely folks at Poppytalk Handmade for their Love and Weddings themed market which you can see on their site - Lots of very cool things by other artists/ designers.

My three favourites from the Poppy Talk Market are:

The brilliant Matte Stephens

The simple and elegant Ella Leach

and the wonderfully named You Sentimental Idiot

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