Sunday, January 30, 2011


EDIT: People were having trouble seeing the below so I've added and adapted into a portrait style above and added some colour. Think I still like the landscape one best though.

"OK I'll give you one last chance to surrender."

[ Might need a little click on the image to actually see it properly. ]

Monday, January 24, 2011

Not long until the above book of 3D type (which will feature my Ice-letters) will be out. Both creators FL@33 and publishers Laurence King have developed little websites to promote the book with the latter showing off a few sneak preview spreads. There is a bit of blurb about the project below. My name seems to have been accidently missed off the list below - think I was supposed to be sitting between Milton Glazer and Alvin Lustig! Some of the names invovled are brill and looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with. Will post more images and news about the book when I get it.

"This book is the most comprehensive showcase of three-dimensional letterforms ever written, featuring over 1,300 images of more than 300 projects by more than 160 emerging talents and established individuals and studios including Sagmeister Inc, Vaughan Oliver, Milton Glaser, Alvin Lustig, Louis Danziger, Roger Excoffon, Paul Elliman, Marian Bantjes, Geoff Kaplan, Clotilde Olyff, Italo Lupi, Marion Bataille, Antoine+Manuel, Frost*Design, Mervyn Kurlansky, Non-Format, Oded Ezer, Rowland Scherman, Post Typography, Rinzen, Underware’s Type Workshop, J. Kyle Daevel, Ji Lee, Pleaseletmedesign and Strange Attractors Design.
As well as pioneering milestones from as far back as the 1940s, this book focuses on recent and brand new typographic projects. 3D type specialist Andrew Byrom explains the context and motivation behind these innovative works in an insightful foreword.

FL@33 is a multi-disciplinary design studio for visual communication based in London. Founded in 2001, it is run by Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek. FL@33 work, profiles and interviews have been extensively featured online and worldwide in over 160 magazines, books and newspapers. The duo is also responsible for the popular online sound collection and, a platform for designers and artists around the world. FL@33 also conceived, compiled, wrote and designed two other books: Postcard and Made & Sold, both also published by Laurence King."

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Dust Mite might if you gave him a chance

Our homes are full of lovely interesting creatures like the Radiator Beetle, the Rice Worm and the Dust Mite. Its enough to make you never want to go home.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Superhero Russian Dolls

Wee sneak preview of one of the new russian doll sets that I'm in the process of making. Its or a little superhero, his alter-ego of a mild business man and the radioactive meteor which gave him his super powers.
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