Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Papa Stour

A few weeks ago I was approched by Papa Stour, purveyor of all things nicely designed and Scottish, as they were interested in stocking my designs. They have just uploaded a selection of my work onto their site which you can see here or see the work of all the amazing artists that they stock here.
"In a world of mass produced products, Papa Stour choose to relish in the opposite and embrace art, craftsmanship and design in its purest form. Each piece is considered as something which you will love in your own home, or to gift to someone special.

Our artists and designers are involved in different disciplines but they all have talent, flair and in some cases pure eccentricity! The essence of the collection is a contemporary mix of ceramics, silver, leather and textiles from all over Scotland.

The pieces we offer are not "off the shelf" objects that can be delivered next day because they are hand made in Scotland, with care."

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pig on a Bird Hunt

I think its going to be Mr. Hunter who is in for a big surprise.

Hmm for some reason Illustration Friday wouldn't let me add a thumbnail so hope people still find the image without one.

Friday, June 04, 2010

I love them, I hate them

New voting system on Common of Houses.

The "I LOVE THEM, I HATE THEM" voting system is an attempt to erradicate the horrible feeling we all get on election day when we have to decide if we will vote with our hearts for the party we want to get into power or if we vote with our heads and vote tactically to keep someone we dislike out. Our system uses the tried and tested gold ticket, silver ticket system spearheaded on 90's gameshow extravaganza The Crystal Maze.

Everyone gets two votes. One is a vote FOR the party who you want to get into power and the second is a vote AGAINST the party who you really don’t want to get into power. Like in the Crystal Maze every gold "for" vote counts towards that party entering No 10 while the silver "against" tickets are minus votes taken off the plus total.

This vote will more accurately represent not only peoples aspriations but also their fears. No more will people feel they have to use their positive vote tactically to keep another party out. Instead they can vote for the party whom they truelly love whilst at the same time striking a blow against someone who they truelly hate. Vote for a more balaned power, vote for I LOVE THEM, I HATE THEM.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


New print from a pen and ink water colour I made a few years ago. Was very popular at the Art in the Park exhibition. I'm in the middle of working up the rest of this series and will upload those to here once complete.
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