Friday, November 25, 2011

Home and Interiors Scotland October

Last month I got interviewed by Home and Interiors Scotland magazine and you can read my waffling by clicking on the image above. My Adam and Eve dolls were also one of the editiors picks at their recent exhibition.

Good grief it is windy today, the trees in the park opposite the flat are all bending quite alarmingly. I think a little trip up onto the roof to batten down the hatches might be in order, though might have to tiw some weights to my shoes to stop me flying off.

Hope the wind dies down before tomorrow when I will be running a stall at Sloans Outdoor Market in Glasgow. It takes place in the narrow wynd outside the old coach house/ restaurant and I'm wondering how much of a wind tunnel it might be? Watch out for bargins as my belongings blow away down Buchanan Street. I'll be there 11-5 on both Saturday and Sunday pop along and see me.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Made in the Shade - Holiday Hullabaloo

Its back. The wondrous event that is the Made in the Shade market @ The Lighthouse. After at least 12months absence the girls from MITS have been persuaded to organise another of their design/ art markets and this time I shall be there too, so if you are after some unique hand made gifts then pop along.

"We are pleased as festive punch to invite you all to join us at The Lighthouse on Saturday 10th December for a special, one-off edition of our Made in the Shade shopping event.

With over 40 of Scotland's best designer makers and indie crafters taking part, you can expect to solve all those pesky Christmas gift dilemmas in one swoop! From textiles, homewares, stationery and ceramics to jewellery, accessories, millinery and fashion, Made in the Shade is giving ol' Mr Clause a run for his money this year. We might not have the sleigh (or the reindeer), but my word, we surely have the finest pick of unique presents and treats you ever did see. To whet your appetite and to plan your shopping strategy, you can meet our Holiday Hullabaloo vendors here. Stay tuned to our blog for vendor profiles and gift guides in the run up to the event.

We want to make this one-off edition of our Made in the Shade event extra special. With a little help from our friends, we're set to bring you THE festive shindig of the season!"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Folksy

I'm liking the new Folksy site. I know there have been a few wee bugs but the new clean style makes everyones products look great and has highlighted that I really need to spend a couple of days reshooting images of all my stuff.

One thing I noticed which is a funny coincedence, the new logo above has almost the same colour arrangement as the one I mocked up for my interview with them earlier in the year. Most spooky was the fact that I almost went with a logo minus the black outlines too. Good minds think alike it seems.

Poppytalk - Pre Christmas Market

I am very pleased to say that I have a stall with online market extraordinaires Poppytalk. Created by husband and wife team Jan and Earl who have been running a brilliant curated market of creative types since 2005. In that time they have built up a hugely impressive range of sellers and their daily blog is a great source for inspiration.

Check out their blog and the work on sale. They have also made pretty cool gift guide to take the hassle out of Christmas Shopping.

Blog & Buy Sale - December 2012

This month I have an online market stall with Blog&Buy with a great selection of other independant makers of interesting things. Here's a bit about it all.

"ROLLLL UP! ROLLLLL UP! Every month the BlogAndBuySale online Stalls showcase the very best independent creative sellers. This month sees the launch of their 6 week Christmas special. Rummage through the online Stalls to find that perfect festive gift; from brussel sprout wrapping paper to hand made stripy mittens, they have it all. The BlogAndBuySale Stalls will help you discover amazing creative talent and point you in the right direction to buy that perfect present.

You can support you the sellers by sharing their Stall with the world and also be in with a chance of winning some great prizes.

A little more about BlogAndBuySale...
Intended to promote artists and designers who sell their work on the internet, BlogAndBuySale is all about helping up and coming talent looking to get noticed and make some real cash to boot. There are so many brilliant things getting sold by independent artists and designers, but the problem is the public doesn’t always stumble upon them. "

Monday, November 07, 2011

GFF2012 Trailer

Great news, I've been asked to create the trailer for the Glasgow Film Festival 2012. The Festival HQ is in one of my favourite places in Glasgow, the GFT where I once worked as a doorman so I'm delighted to be involved with them. The idea behind my trailer is actually a revised version of the concept I was shortlisted to make for them in 2010. I really loved the idea then and think it will make a great film. Here's a little background to my idea.
CONCEPTGlasgow has always had a strong connection to the cinema, from their very dawn back in the 1890's through to their hey day in the 1930's when we had more cinemas per person than any other city outside of America. A cinema within five mins walk from your house and people on average going once a week. Even today in the UGC we've still got Britain's busiest cinema - I guess Glaswegians really like popcorn.

My proposal played with this history and relationship. I found it interesting that despite our love for the cinema and despite lots of films being made here, few are actually ever set here. I started to wonder, what would the classics of cinema's past have been like if their setting had actually been Glasgow and not London, New York or Tokyo.

In many ways cities are in part defined by the films and literature that are set within them. These stories sit overlaid onto the streets and buildings shaping our perceptions and imaginations of what can happen there - be it the smog filled streets of Sherlock Holmes' London or the zippy fast talking of Woody Allen's Manhattan.

My idea is therefore an animated sequence of 3D paper cut outs with blend different famous movie shots and scenes into Glasgow settings. These will take you on a fast paced and quick cutting tour of the city and its relationship to film history.

I'll be collaborating with the brilliant Joanna Susskind on the project, I really like her previous work, she's made some pretty cool little trailers for other folks. I think my idea and her animatery skills should combined to turn out a great film, fingers crossed.

Its quite a short production time so I shall keep a little blog update of the process as we go along. Tonight will be our first brainstorming production meeting.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Try Stripes

Had a very nice little meeting today about possibly directing the trailer for the Glasgow Film Festival next year. Its a fun wee idea we've come up with so got our fingers crossed that we get it. Should find out over the weekend. More news Monday.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Print & Design Now! Returns

PRINT & DESIGN NOW! 2011 was an exhibition that I was in at the SW1 Gallery in London town earlier in the Summer. From the photos it looks like a lot of fun and you can spot my piece in the below photo - the lady with grey top and black handbag is gazing at it in what can only be described as awe (or bewilderment.)

The exhibition is now on tour and travelling to interesting other locations - next top is Bearspace from 4 November until 16 December. If you are in the big smoke it should be worth a visit. You can also see the majority of items online too.


152 Deptford High Street, London, SE8 3PQ Googlemaps
Open Wednesday—Saturday 10-6 pm

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