Sunday, April 03, 2011


Good news to wake up to today.

Just heard from the Paris based half of Hole in my Pocket that we now have a little Himp Junior to join the team. The little guy was born late yesterday and both mum and baby are doing well. He obviously takes after his mum and not his dad though, as he arrived early.

Really looking forward to meeting him, a little trip to Paris is in order.


sa said...

i thought you could maybe design me some special jumpers which have removable shoulder patches for events such as this. Could be a good idea and with a sort of 80s retro styling?

Alburt said...

Ah yes, velcro shoulder pads. Not only a practical hygine idea but if your shoulder is velcro loops, you could have the babys outfit covered in velcro hooks and have some hands free baby care.

Do we need to patent this? Probably need a name - "Velcro Baby", "Shoulder to cry on"?

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