Friday, June 21, 2013

HIMP @ Pulse 2013

In May I set up stall at The Pulse trade show in London town and a fine time we did have there. The show itself was great, we met loads of amazing designers at the other stands and we made contact with some really interesting little shops many of whom I am pleased to say are now going to be our stockists.

We had loads of new products to launch along with our new catalogue and it was great to get feedback from people and find out which new ideas were the most popular.

The trip started rather hectically as as few orders were very late in arriving requiring a little bit of last minute replanning before running for the sleeper train. I'd never travelled via the sleeper before but really enjoyed it. We got a great deal to travel first class for roughly what a normal train to London would cost. For this we got two wee adjoining rooms and a nice, though a little tired looking, lounge car to sit in and drink g+t's with our fellow passengers. (There were no murders to solve which I was a little disappointed about but then we were probably a bit too tired to really get involved in sleuthing.)

The next time I travel this way though I'll make sure to turn the heating down early and have plenty to drink as I woke up roasting in the middle of the night. The room itself is pretty comfortable especially if travelling on a deal and you get the whole space to yourself. Its a bit off lying perpendicular to the direction of travel as you find yourself rolling about a little bit as the train trundles along. The beds are a bit narrow too but we slept well enough and it was great to wake up first thing in the morning in London and not have wasted any time in getting down.
Our accommodation in London was booked through Air B&B and again it was the first time we'd done this and again it worked out really well. On the website you basically go through a list of flats that people have space in. Either a spare room or they are away on holiday and want to make a bit of cash from their house while they are gone. You then rent the space and effectively get a home away from home, which is much more personal and relaxing than staying in a hotel or traditional B&B. It does feel a bit odd though as all the belongings of your host are still there including their clothes hanging up in the bedroom and their shampoo etc in the bathroom. As a host you'd have to be quite trusting. Our place was in Chelsea just a short couple  of stops ride from Earls Court and it was really lovely, spotlessly clean and modern with a massive tv, playstation and Sky. (Better than we've got at home.) There was also a large pile of DVDs which turned out to be all the latest cinema releases in chinese boxes.

Our first morning we arrived in London, headed to the house to get the keys and dump our bags then straight to Earls Court for the hard work. About 9hours later, just as we were putting the last finishing touches to it all, we were offered and took a further 2m space elsewhere in the show and spent another couple of hours making it look good to. (I though Ann would kill me when she found out how much extra we had to so.) We managed it though (thanks to head foreman Ann) and I'm really pleased with how it all turned out.
We got lots of nice comments from people too, infact The Confessions of a Design Geek chose us as one of their picks of the show and we got a really cool prize tag to hang on the site. (Its now on the wall of the studio) You can read their thoughts here.

Now all we've got to do is pull together all the products people have ordered and get them packaged up ready for delivery. They will be travelling all over the place this time from the most Northerly isles to the Southern tip of England and heading over the channel to a new stockist in Germany too.

We really liked out neighbours work too, including Seven Gauge Studios and Jess Hogarth.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Homes & Gardens May 2013

The Ship's crew have sailed into Home & Gardens magazine this month. Here they are in the sand.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Homes & Interiors Scotland May 2013

I'm launching a new kitchen range at Pulse in May and Home and Interiors Scotland had a sneak peak with one of the prints in their mag this month. You can see all the rest of the prints below and click the links to Folksy to purchase them.

Aprons and tea-towels to follow next week.

 Coming Soon
 Coming Soon
 Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Friday, April 05, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pulse Creative

My Little Ship's Crew recently set off on an adventure to London where they ended up meeting the team behind Pulse and were featured in a little photo shoot. They are now appearing through the Pulse trade fair marketing information. We are having to try and keep their feet on the ground as they are ever so pleased with themselves at the moment.

If you are a stockist interested in seeing the dolls in person or some of my other work then please pop along and see me at Pulse stand LP87 from 12-14 May. Or drop me an email for more information.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wittertainment Membership

I'm a big fan of the BBC Radio 5 Wittertainment Film Review show with Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode so when they put out a call for people to design a Wittertainment badge that fans of the show could wear to signify their allegiance, I was keen to get involved.

Above and below are a little pack of four badges that I think cinema goers could wear to show their membership of the Wittertainment club and their strict adherence to Code of Conduct. (These are in the same style as the Bond posters I made to celebrate 50 years of Bond at the end of last year.)

ps - and hello to Jason Isaacs

Saturday, January 19, 2013

You arrrrr so wonderful

I've designed a new series of loved up cards for Valentines Day. The first cards are from a new range that feature a pirate called 'Bluebeard'. (Which as a name for a series of Valentines cards gives me a dark chuckle.)

I'll upload some of the other designs on here next week but you can see them all on my Etsy(US+World) and Folksy(UK+Europe) sites.

The cards have also been selected by the lovely folks at Poppytalk Handmade for their Love and Weddings themed market which you can see on their site - Lots of very cool things by other artists/ designers.

My three favourites from the Poppy Talk Market are:

The brilliant Matte Stephens

The simple and elegant Ella Leach

and the wonderfully named You Sentimental Idiot

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