Friday, April 08, 2011

Adventurers' Club - Deep Sea Diver

A Jacque Cousteau type, excited and full of a child like passion for the sea and its creatures. With a little french gentleman's moustache and armed with trusty trident should any of those pesky sharks decide to take a closer look. But what should he be called?
Poseidon sculpture holding a trident
Sea Horse from WesAnderson's The Life Aqautic


Fun Makes Good said...

My dad is actually a diver and he has a moustache! He is called James, I used to think he was James bond.

Alburt said...

Now I think your dad is James Bond. Maybe the little diver should be named in your dad's honour.

Fun Makes Good said...

Ha ha! What an honour indeed, and the roundness will suit him perfectly!

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