Monday, March 26, 2012

GI 2012: In progress

Here's a little sneak peak of some of the ideas we're playing around with for the GI2012 show we've designed for the Arches.

The above is a diagram which tries to expain the concept that should the sun explode it would take around 8.5 minutes before we noticed any change (due to the speed of light) but the actual physical effects of the explosion reaching us would take around 18 months.

This complicated little diagram is looking at the slingshot affect on time by gravity.

They make my head hurt a little and I drew them!! But they got pretty colours.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

On the desk today

On the desk today I shall be completeing a set of Ship's Crew Russian dolls and using the Usborne Book of World History to create a piece for our exhibition at The Glasgow International.

I love Usborne books, I have a large pile of them that I've been collecting since I was a kid. This World History one is pretty ace but it pales against the wonder that is the Usborne Detectives Handbook, quite simply the bestest book of all time. Has come in extremely handy in some very tricky circumstances, I owe a lot to that book.

Designing an Usborne books would be a dream project for me. That and Kinder Surprise toy designer would be the ultimate combo.

The (w)hole history of the universe

Liking the little mention we got on the Arches poster for the Behaviour Festival and the sneeky way they've done it. "The (w)hole history of the universe". Clever pun making clogs that they are, Richard Whitely would be proud.

The Behaviour Festival that the poster is promoting is on now and runs until 29 April at various venues throughout the City. There are loads of great things on, including work by the wonderful Fish and Game and by the talented Kieran Hurley. Check out The Arches site and get yourselves some tickets.

Our show begins install on 2nd April and runs until the end of May. We are putting on a few performances as part of the exhibition with Mr G. McNair (Who acted as the minister during our Himptology exhibiton in 2010.) I'll post more info about those in the next few weeks and will post a sneak preview of some images from the new show tomorrow. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm going to punch you

Just can't get the Jaguar Shark out my head. Think I'll have to go watch the film again.

Ned Plimpton from "A Life Aqautic" by Wes Anderson. (I've not shown his moustache as it looked less like him and a bit silly.)

Do you think he'll remember me?

Really need to get on with some work but started thinking about Jaguar sharks.

Steve Zizzou from "A Life Aqautic" by Wes Anderson.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mother's Day Card

New card in the shops as of today, just in time to say thanks to all our mums for all the brilliant things they do for us and all the great food they served when we were little. Fishfingers, sausages, beans and waffles, washed down with some orange squash and followed by jelly and icecream. Yum.

Etsy / Folksy / Noths

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Paper Clip Breakfast Cereal

A new paper clip style breakfast cereal for the design conscious stationary addict, invented by the good folks at Present & Correct. They mentioned the idea in a tweet last week and I took them up on the business proposal with £23 for 40% of the company. I think even the sharp tongued Dragon Theodopolio Paphitis* would agree it was a good deal.

I just remember thought that as part of the agreement I'd promised them a flavours mood board today start the ball rolling. I've quickly put together three of my favourite flavours into a multicoloured combo. Though we still need a name for this delicious and hearty meal, any suggestions?

EDIT: Need to update the below with some new more fitting flavours, Chewed pencil, blutac syrup and envelope gum. Yummy.
*Paphitis is an allergic reaction to pamphlets.
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