Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's in an "L"?

Doh - Its not me honest guv.

We've all succumbed to the ego search. (Typing your own name into google to see what comes up) I'm pretty lucky, I seem to be the only person who spells their combined name the way that I do, so nearly all the results that come up are actually me.

Someone actually pointed this out to me the other day, its not something I've really thought about before - I've just always taken for granted that no one I have met spells even their first name the way I do, let along their full name. If I do one day meet someone with the exact same name, I think I'll feel like they are trying to assume my identity and I'm not sure I'll like it. Its the same when you meet someone born on the same day - you feel like saying "What do you mean its your birthday? That my birthday."

Anyway, once upon a time I noticed that there is someone out there whose name is close to mine, the MP Alistair Burt. Despite my extra "L" I did feel slightly uneasy, like I was looking into an alternate universe where I'd grown up to be a little Tory man. I quickly closed the site and tried to put it out my mind. I was reminded about it today though.

I am currently putting together the finishing touches to a new project due to be launched next week, which plays with the idea of MP's expenses and I was suddenly reminded of my Westminster Doppelganger and decided to google him again - just to make sure that he wasn't doing our shared name harm.

Imagine my horror when I found that he had made it to head line news in the Telegraph as yet another one of the MP's mixed up in the "all within the rules" mischief. I think I might have to write him a letter asking him to apologise for smearing the name Allistair Burt and I'm sure that Alastair Burt would agree.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Southside Festival

I've been asked to design the main festival poster, the map and all the internal navigation signage for the Southside Festival taking place in Queen Park in Glasgow at the end of the month. Should be good fun - but I'd better get my design skates on, the festival is on in only 12 days!!

Above is my colour mock up for the main poster - containing some of the symbols I've designed for the navigation signage.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Thanks for the messages in my absence - I've been away and also busy working on a few projects and have stayed away from the web and the lure of trawling pages of rubbish, ebay purchasing etc.

I will scan in some of the new projects I've been working on when I get a moment but today I caved and started looking through a few of my favourite sites. I discovered something interesting - by not looking at the sites for a few days, there is more to look at when you do return. Thats pretty obvious I know but it makes you take more notice of what you are looking at rather than a quick scan through each page to try and keep up to date with all that is good in the graphic arts and illustration worlds.

Today for instance I was checking out which is a brilliant blog of interesting things and I found the work of Louis Clichy whose animations are simply amazing. I remember at the last election seeing the BBC's little animations and wondering who had made them. They are brill and I think the Beeb should adopt Clichy's style for the whole of one of its stations. It would definertly get me watching. Maybe they could make BBC4 the home of great illustrations and use the work of Clichy, Tom Gauld and maybe Scott Campbell.

Anyways I try to always post things I've made or worked on but I so enjoyed the above animation I thought I would share.

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