Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Robots of the future 2

38-58 (20cm x 14cm)
R45-22 (20cm x 14cm)
K5 (20 x 14)

Some more wee Robots from my Robots of the future series.

Had a grand weekend away on the Isle of Arran for my cousins wedding. Was good to see all the family away in such nice relaxed settings dressed up in their finest. Spent a lot of time beside big log fires and enjoyed some nice ice-cream but have caught a cold, boo.

Friday, October 27, 2006

We need your vote

Some good news, my T-shirt design on a wee blobby man talking to a horse (see below) has been selected for the Threadless T-shirt competition and it needs your votes. Please click the below link and let them know what you think. A 5 and a "buy" click would be most appreciated.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On a cold and dark night

Luna - Chapter 5: The deepest wood

Hmmm, I shall have to start making some new things and stop stealing work from my portfolio and posting them up here. This is a sketch from a picture book I started playing with about a little girl who goes in search of the Moon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Portrait 2

Royal Tenenbaum. (20cm x 14cm)

Think I'll try to post a new image on here every few days. Will be a good idea to force myself into being more creative.

Monday, October 23, 2006

You Smell

Decided to enter the above into Threadless. (A website where people submit T-shirt designs, vote for their favourites and then the winners get made into limited edition T-shirts.) I think the above would make a cool T-shirt. Also the wee bird below but on yellow would also be quite nice.

My painting of the pie and bovril several posts below was selected for the Lowry "One Love" exhibition in Manchester. Will be on display from mid November.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Choosing an image

Trying to choose an image to be my logo on this blog thingy. I've always liked this wee pic so think it might do the job. Think I'll walk around in it for a while and see how it takes. Bonjour.

Three days in Manchester

Ann and I spent a grand three days down at our friend Lindsay new house in the cheerful little village of Chorlton in Manchester. We went to see "To Kill a Mocking Bird" at the Lowry which was very enjoyable if a little difficult to get to through the car-park waste ground maze of fences, ditches and canals.

The next day was more homely, with a bit of breakfast, B&Q and then digging, nailing, strimming and planting while we set about Lindsay garden.

On our last day we went to visit "Another Place" a sculpture by Antony Gormley which I was surprised to discover was ten years old? I thought it was fairly new. The work consists of 100 hundred iron casts or the artists own body located along 3km of beach near Liverpool, starting out towards the horizon. Well worth a visit and will be packing up and moving elsewhere in November.

One of the one hundred statues staring out to sea
Some drift wood - I took a lot of photos of drift wood. Lovely stuff.
The wee metal men were quite friendly looking if you got close enough
There were a lot of bricks, stones and other asorted building remenents which I also took a lot of photos of.

Time to leave - The best thing about the exhibition, is how the constantly changing coast and sky, completly alter ther mood of the work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Witches of Halloween oooh ooooh

This is an old image I drew last summer but one which i felt suited a conversation about Halloween.

I think for this Halloween I shall borrow an idea from Ann and decorate my close for this spookiest of holidays. I bought some black card yesterday and I plan to cut out and hang some bats in the stair well. I might also get some pumkins. This will then pose the question of what should the pumkin faces look like. In the past we've had a pirate pumkin and a scoobydoo pumpkin but what should this year hold. Maybe a vampire or a robot pumpkin?
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