Saturday, March 24, 2012

The (w)hole history of the universe

Liking the little mention we got on the Arches poster for the Behaviour Festival and the sneeky way they've done it. "The (w)hole history of the universe". Clever pun making clogs that they are, Richard Whitely would be proud.

The Behaviour Festival that the poster is promoting is on now and runs until 29 April at various venues throughout the City. There are loads of great things on, including work by the wonderful Fish and Game and by the talented Kieran Hurley. Check out The Arches site and get yourselves some tickets.

Our show begins install on 2nd April and runs until the end of May. We are putting on a few performances as part of the exhibition with Mr G. McNair (Who acted as the minister during our Himptology exhibiton in 2010.) I'll post more info about those in the next few weeks and will post a sneak preview of some images from the new show tomorrow. 

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