Sunday, March 04, 2012

Paper Clip Breakfast Cereal

A new paper clip style breakfast cereal for the design conscious stationary addict, invented by the good folks at Present & Correct. They mentioned the idea in a tweet last week and I took them up on the business proposal with £23 for 40% of the company. I think even the sharp tongued Dragon Theodopolio Paphitis* would agree it was a good deal.

I just remember thought that as part of the agreement I'd promised them a flavours mood board today start the ball rolling. I've quickly put together three of my favourite flavours into a multicoloured combo. Though we still need a name for this delicious and hearty meal, any suggestions?

EDIT: Need to update the below with some new more fitting flavours, Chewed pencil, blutac syrup and envelope gum. Yummy.
*Paphitis is an allergic reaction to pamphlets.

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