Saturday, March 24, 2012

On the desk today

On the desk today I shall be completeing a set of Ship's Crew Russian dolls and using the Usborne Book of World History to create a piece for our exhibition at The Glasgow International.

I love Usborne books, I have a large pile of them that I've been collecting since I was a kid. This World History one is pretty ace but it pales against the wonder that is the Usborne Detectives Handbook, quite simply the bestest book of all time. Has come in extremely handy in some very tricky circumstances, I owe a lot to that book.

Designing an Usborne books would be a dream project for me. That and Kinder Surprise toy designer would be the ultimate combo.


Mimi Zorz said...

love your russian dolls :)

Unknown said...

cute matryoshka dolls ^_^ really really want to have all of them ^_^

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