Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gibson Street Gala - Kids Zone

I'm taking part in the Art Fusion show at the Gibson Street Gala again this year. It takes place during the Westend Festival and was great fun last summer with the place absolutely hotching with people. Its on 12 June from 12-6pm and is well worth a visit.
I did a quick favour for the organisers last night by throwing together the above poster for the kid's events. They wanted something simple with an Alice in Wonderland theme and incorporating the turtle image which won the kids art competition last year.

We are pretty busy at the moment with various projects and getting ready for a little trip to York so I didn't have much time to work on it. Despite this I'm pretty pleased with how it come out thought would like to have had more time to try forming the table objects in the same block colour style as the Mad Hatter. A redux poster may follow when I get a chance.


sa said...

je l'aime!

Alburt said...

Mercy bow chomps.

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