Friday, March 04, 2011

Warnings from the Future #01

Dear readers, I'm looking for a bit of feedback.
I'm about to place an order for more Gift Cards but I'm struggling to narrow down the list of cards to print. All my different stockists currently like and stock different cards but to make things simplier I'd like to reduce the range down to 20 or so instead of the current 40+. If you have a minute to spare, please have a flick through the images on my flickr and leave a comment (below or direct on the image) to say which ones get your thumbs up to be kept in the range. The ones with the most votes will make the final cut. The ones with the least will go retire on a farm in the country.
As a wee incentive to give your opinion, everyone that comments will get put into a prize draw to win a print and cards from my Etsy.

Get the flash player here:


Annie said...

I like

'I'am a genius'

'you are here'

'break glass in case of emergency'

Anonymous said...

it's too tricky - just write the names on and pick 20 out of a hat

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