Thursday, March 03, 2011

New Glasgow Society

Sounding like something from a retro imagined future the "New Glasgow Society" is relaunching this weekend in its little premises at 1207 Arglye Street. They are a good an interesting bunch of characters and highly reccomend going along or catching one of their upcoming future events.

The New Glasgow Society is an organization established in 1965 for the general betterment of the urban environment of Glasgow. The birth of the Society coincides with proposals for the insertion of the M8 through the Victorian fabric of the city. But it’s never been purely a preservationist group, the Society has a long history of supporting and actively promoting new projects which were seen to be of benefit to Glasgow, and, during the 1960’s and 70’s, used their considerable influence and membership of over 1500 to make their thoughts known to the powers that be.

"The aims of the Society are;
  • To promote, encourage and stimulate public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of the city of Glasgow and its surroundings.
  • To encourage high standards of architecture and town planning in the Glasgow region in co-operation with other interested organisations where appropriate.
  • To encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest.
  • To pursue these ends by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, publications, conferences, publicity and the promotion of schemes of a charitable nature"
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