Thursday, September 23, 2010

A song to sing

First place in the "Write a song about Hole in my Pocket" competition goes to J. Kap ft Alec Roeser with their above rather odd video; with things on fire, a man in a clown mask and a leprechaun with a watering can.
Second Place goes to Joy Lippard with her song about how God has cut holes in everyone's pockets to teach us all a lesson.
Third Place to the Buck and Billo show for their use of back projection and cowboy hats.
Think everyone did a really good job but you could prob have used a bit more personal info about us in the songs - just a suggestion for next time. The prizes are in the post.
Special mention to Pang Vongdharadon Jazz Piano for their jazz take on the idea in Bangkok.

1 comment:

Alastair Aitchison said...

..very good.

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