Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Himptology: Sunday Service 1

Thanks to everyone that came along and took part in our first Sunday Service, it was such a good laugh. The "sermon" givers were all excellant, the host and music were superb and the vocal efforts as we all sang along to "Living on a Prayer" and "Take on Me" were brilliant. Hope you all return for our second extravaganza on 3 October when we will be joined by Gregor Wright and Sebastian Tombs.

"Hole in my Pocket invite you to join them for The Himp Sunday Service, an non-denominational alternative to Sunday School for creative types. Come along and hear a series of sermons from top artists, designers and performers about their chosen creative fields, find out what inspires them and celebrate the Church of Creativity in style with some group karaoke led by a local Choir, readings from Moby Dick and a ...nice cup of tea. Sundays 19 September and 3, 10 October 1 -2.30pm."

WEEK 1 - 19 September
Hosted by Gary McNair
and with music by Eilidh MacAskill and Brian O'Sullivan

Sermons by
Penny Anderson
Alan Cesarno
Kate Thompson
Morag MacDonald
Ice-cream Architecture

Frodo McDaniels

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