Monday, July 10, 2006

Moffat, Dumfries and Southerness

Ann and I spent a very pleasent day driving about Dumfries to see what we could see. The below are some photos charting our discoveries.

Inside a lovely old Antiques shop in Moffat. We purchased two items from the above display. Any guesses which two we bought?

Sweeties from the world famous moffat toffee shop.

An extremely bizarre little holiday village with about a few rows of houses, tons of caravans, a hotel, a golf themed pub, a lighthouse, some very poor quality amusements and a doctors surgery. Surgery opening hours - TUESDAY AND FRIDAY 11am - 11:30am

A very odd looking pub along with the amusement arcade appear to be the only source of entertainment for the multitude of tracksuit wearing, white trainer sporting young folks hanging around the corners. All in all, Southerness holiday village is quite a forlorn looking place - with grey skies and strong wind battering it's streets. I rather liked it though. There is something so poetic about forgotten holiday resorts. Think Ann and I might travel about some more and take lots of photos to record them before they all dissapear through lack of custom.

The amusement arcade was home to all the favourites, the 2p falls, the bandit style fruit machine, that whack a gator with a hammer game and of course the wonderful "place a bet now please" horse racing game. If anyone knows where I can purchase one then please let me know.

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