Sunday, November 04, 2012


Strange day in the Westend of Glasgow today which ended with a long discussion about religion and evolution spurned on by someone taking offence at the book from our Himptology exhibition. Turned out the guy doesn't believe in Evolution and wanted to discuss. I was quite brain fried after having manned a stall at the art market for 6 hours and despite knowing better launched into it. Eventually I realised that it was probably rather futile on both our behalves but he has taken my card to get in touch so a long debate may now be begun!! Anyone wishing to join in is welcome.

Holy book of HIMP

EDIT: Just tweeted the above to Science and Comedy man Robin Ince who provided some useful links and suggestions for passing to my debater if he does get in touch. Robin's best piece of advise though was probably the most true "these arguments are a waste of time" which I know from making our Godwin's Law projection piece and yet I fear both sides always get drawn in.

In saying that I'm still going to get myself a copy of Peter Atkin's "Creation Revisited" and also Steve Jones "Almost like a Whale". Isn't Twitter great, knowledgeable people to point you in the right directions for further reading.

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