Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your Move

American physicist Hugh Everett III (The father of the frontman of the band Eels.) proposed in 1952 his "Many Worlds" theory, stating that many universes exist parallel to our own. The physicist theorised that each time a situation exists with more than one possible outcome, a new Universe is created to accommodate that situation. In that way, all potential outcomes are accounted for, and happening elsewhere.

Therefore, each time we make a choice, the Universe splits into parallel Universes. We make all of the possible choices we could have made but each in a different world. We however are aware of our choice only in our own world.

The 'Present'/ the 'Moment', as we experience it, is the freeze frame of these Choices as they are made, at the meeting point of Past and the splitting of possible Futures.

Everything that has occurred up until and while forming our choice is the Past and all action resulting from that choice is the Future. The act of choosing is the only Present that exists, a moment of time so small that it cannot be measured. It is less than the firing of a synapse, less than the formation of thought, it is the fractional inertial moment between something having the potential to occur and for it to happen and each time alternative Universes divide like cells in a culture.

 In this way all choices that we make, alter the Universe. 

 When presented with two options, if we choose option A instead of option B we send the Universe down a particular path. The consequences of this are unknown. who knows what life might have been like should Option B have been picked instead of Option A."
We have explored this theory in our installation 'Your Move' which is housed in a secret room in the bowels of the Arches and which can only be accessed by prior appointment through the box office.

Its a room in which choices are made and futures are formed.

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