Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Slient P

I couldn't sleep last night and as I lay there I started thinking about Pterodactyls. Specifically I was thinking about their silent P and what was the point of it. This got me thinking about other pointless P's which are being wasted all other the place like my number one hate Psalm, which really is a mess of a word.

The man who would probably know the purpose of all these abandoned letters is Stephen Fry but problematically he is probably biased as he is the proud owner of one himself.

Anyone know why we have these guys?


Unknown said...

That is actually something I haven't really thought about before, but I agree that if anyone were to have the answer it would be Stephen Fry. It took me a while to understand why you had included swimming pool in this list... very sneaky.

Alburt said...

Thanks Joanna, yup ist the most silent P of them all.

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