Friday, December 09, 2011

Days off are for wimps

Drew this to make myself feel better about not having had a day off for several months (I know it my own fault). Sure lots of other folks working freelance in various creative industries are in the same boat.

Got a bit sick yesterday from all the people tweet/gloating that the Scottish windy pops had allowed them to go home early (Most not only work but also live in Glasgow City Centre where it wasn't that bad.) What was the number one thing these people did with their day off apparently? Watched news 24 images of the storm!!! It was outside, why didn't they just look out the window?

We weren't much better to be honest. We spent much of the day checking out the window to see the tents of the anti-capitalist protesters in the park and taking bets on when the first would blow down. The happy campers were up to the task though and through some extra rope and some sandbags they survived. Still not sure why they don't have banners or signs up explaining the purpose behind their demonstration but suppose it was just as well as those would have definitely vanished up the street.

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