Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eat Haggis

A new website for the "Eat Haggis and Celidh On" products I designed last year has just been unveiled the, tis looking quite nice There is also a new twitter account @eat_haggis which is also worth a visit.

I wore my own Eat Haggis T-shirt to the tennis yesterday to watch A+J Murray destroy the Luxemburg team and it brought me lots of very nice comments.

The tennis was quite a fun event, not really all that similar to Wimbledon, where they had Pims, strawberries and cream, we had Irn-Bru and some quite truely disgusting nachos. Where they had respectable clapping between points we had a large gourp of identically dressed folk yelling out such things as "Oh Oooooh Murrays on Fiiire" and to the very young blonde Lux guy, "Who stole your Milky Bars?" and where they had Sir Cliff to "entertain" we had two folk dressed in silver sequend outfits prancing around to some rock pop and pretending to play electronic violins??

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