Friday, October 08, 2010

Himptology: Last Sunday Service

The Parsonage Choir have confirmed that 22 members of their group will be attending this Sunday and will be performing four songs.

Have now seen most of the speakers images and it looks like again a brilliant and varied mix of talks and topics.

So far over the course of the Sunday Services we have come to expect the unexpected, be that talks about the design of urinals, a discussion about computer games where you drive across the US in real time or two ladies singing a revue style song in which all the lyrics are miaow. A wonderfully chaotic mix of creative superb-ness by our performers.

Hosted by Gary McNair
and with music by Eilidh MacAskill and The Parsonage Choir

Sermons include
Kieran Hurley
Rose Rune
Neil McGuire
Minty Donald
Marie Campbell

Frodo McDaniels

With tea and scones at the end. Fun, fun fun.

This week again promises to be full of excitement, mystery, lovely images and scones.

See you all Sunday 1pm -3pm @ The Arches.

Face Book Invite List here.


Anonymous said...

Will these be available as podcasts?

Alburt said...

The first one has vanished into the either I'm afraid. The Second was recorded by the Guys from the Inital Itch radio show from SubCity radio and extracts can be listened to here -

The third week tomorrow will be videoed and extracts will be on our site very soon but for the full experience come along and join in on Sunday.

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