Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ice to see you

The many hours I spent on the roof over the coldest winter for years paid off as my ice letters have been selected to appear in a book about 3D lettering.
I might post some info about the process behind making these ice letters as it was extremely laborious and required me to solve the problem of what to do when the thaw arrived and I was only as far as H.
"Almost two years in the making FL@33 are now happy to present The 3D Type Book – a handbook, source of inspiration and the most comprehensive showcase ever published that focuses 100 per cent on three-dimensional experimental letterforms, sculptural shape-shifting letters, tactile experiences and surprising and inventive ways to interpret the alphabet, ranging from beautiful and humorous to poetic, witty and conceptual.
On 240 pages The 3D Type Book features over 1300 pictures illustrating over 300 projects by over 160 selected contributors from around the world. Like no other publication before does The 3D Type Book also feature pioneering milestone work from the last century going back as far as the 1940s. The overall focus however is on recent and brand new typographic projects and experiments – imaginative, playful work with sculptural and three-dimensional letterforms.
The 3D Type Book showcases cutting-edge work by emerging talents and established studios and individuals alike – including Sagmeister Inc, Vaughan Oliver, Milton Glaser, Alvin Lustig, Louis Danziger, Roger Excoffon, Paul Elliman, Marian Bantjes, Geoff Kaplan Clotilde Olyff, Antoine+Manuel, Frost*Design, Italo Lupi, Mervyn Kurlansky, Marion Bataille, Non-Format, Oded Ezer, Post Typography, Rowland Scherman, Rinzen and Underware's Type Workshop, J. Kyle Daeve, Ji Lee, Pleaseletmedesign and Strange Attractors Design, to name but a few.
The icing on the cake is an insightful foreword for The 3D Type Book that was written by innovative 3D type
specialist Andrew Byrom – who is also featured in this book with some of his inspirational projects.
Conceived, compiled, written and designed by FL@33, Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek,"
See previous post for more image of the letters.

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Pamela said...

These are beautiful... congratulations on the book feature!

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