Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Scoop System

So the last few weeks have been super busy on the Common of Houses: Electoral Reform competition I set up. Its been a lot of work but there have been moments of fun mixed in there somewhere.

I was down in London last weekend to meet up with the judges and sort through the entries. The volcano kinda messed things up somewhat, with dozens and dozens of requests for an extention of time and the judges all getting scattered to the four winds and unable to fly home. In the end it all went pretty well though and it was fun to meet and chat with the judges and I think a worthy winner was chosen. The eventual winner has suggested that ice-cream vans replace the polling booths and that we vote by choosing a free ice-cream flavour which represents the party we like best. Over the next few days I'll be uploading all the reast of the entries and the late arriving entries but in the mean time we need your votes to choose which prize the winners should get click here and tell us.

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