Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Common of Houses - how a new competition is born

When I received the entries for our previous competition (Common of Houses: No Expense Spared) I noticed that most entrants were keen not just to see changes in the rules governing MPs’ expenses but also to see major changes in the way in which Government is actually formed and operates.

I started to think about other aspects of Government policy/ procedures that could do with a creative redesign. If we were to start again, what, and how could designers change the way that politics runs in this country?

With the General Election coming up in May 2010 there seemed like only one sensible place to start – the vote.

Once I had set that as the basic problem I started the real work of setting up a new competition which includes sorting out - a brief, project sponsors, a team of judges, some prizes, some PR and an exhibition.

Should keep me busy. 


Alastair Aitchison said...

you are a glutton for punishment dear friend

Alburt said...

hah - yup. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks. maize-ameeee

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