Wednesday, March 11, 2009

but its a giant horse???

I've avoided posting anything about this so far - because I kept expecting someone to admit it was just a big joke. But apprently its not, they really are building a giant horse in the South of England - you could not make that up if you tried.

I'm not really sure what the point of it is, or what message it is trying to convey. They are going for a super realistic style which would suggest that it is meant as slightly Po-faced but all the infor I've read about it suggests that they are completly genunine about it and the giant horse is irony free. I enjoy that the media has dubbed it the angel of the south! I maybe wrong - but it is quite clearly a horse not an angel - unless they are going to stick wings on it and make it into Pegusus. Maybe there is a greek connection and the whole thing will be full of soldiers?

I think they should just accept that the whole notion is absurd and if they do decide to build it then they should stick an even more giant jockey on its back.

Or stick on hundreds of normal size jockeys - cause lets face it - jockeys are quite funny.


Anonymous said...

horsey horsey!

Alburt said...

Whoa - horses are where where its at, at the mo it seems. I'll have to get in on the horse art act.

Of course I was ahead of the game with my work on Gregg's pies - but I never thought of building it as a giant monster horse.

If we all die out and then aliens come visit - what are they going to think? They are going to think that we worshipped horses as gods. They will think we were all mental.

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