Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stop me and buy one

I had an intersting time over the last two days at the Glasgow International Artist Bookfair, the first such event to take place in Glasgow. As mentioned before we didn't have a table and above is the trolley we created to sell our wares. It was really god fun pushing the trolley around the place, it did mean I had to be on my feet for two whole days but it did allow me to move to wherever I fancie and meant I could walk over and chat to the other stall hodlers and check out their stuff. The stuff in question was a huge variety of artist books ranging from short one line cards, to artist-zines, book sculptures and massive leather bound prints.

Above the four himp books on sale

himp lolly-pop business cards

himp in card
Himp Flag

*Mucho gracious to Ann and Gav for their assistance in getting the trolley ready for the show.
Himp flag

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