Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sketch for a short comic novel I'm working on about an isolated Lighthouse keeper.

Well - I'm afraid my computer has returned minus my hard drive which has packed in. Meaning I've lost nearly all my work from the last couple of years and lots of my music and more importantly my photos. I've reinstalled what backup files I've got but some of those have packed in as well. Most disappointing of all I've lost the whole of a new project I was about to reveal called 365 days of sky. Last year I took a photo of the sky each day, wherever I was in the world. The result was a beautiful kaleidoscope of blues, greys and whites as the ever changing sky twisted and blurred above me each day. Sadly, it is now, nearly all gone.

There is a chance the retrieval company might be able to get the information back - but their prices start at £500. Doh. Maybe if I go ahead and I do get the images back - I can sell prints of the sky photos to help recover my loses. Here's a couple of the ones I've still got.

St Louis Arch, USA Stockholm, Sweden Glasgow, Scotland

I'll attempt to put the rest of this site back together from the remnants of my back up files.


Focus_ret said...

Cute illustration.

Sorry to hear about your computer.

Zari said...

I love this one, cute and funny!

biteyourowntail said...

Love your drawing.

I've been told it's nearly always possible to retireve the data, but obviously i don't know for sure.

A digital vault might be a good idea for the future.

ElizT said...

Such a good way to present the sequence! Such nice drawing! Such bad luck!

shaky mouse said...

really nice treatment for this.. i really like the style you have used..

Eli said...

Sorry to hear you've lost so much work! This is a great cartoon though, all is not lost, you still have your talent!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Your illustration is great! I recently had a hard drive failure, and brought it in to Fry's and they pulled the hard drive out and attached it to a new power supply and retreived nearly all the data for about 60 dollars US. I'd also gotten many high quotes from other places. Perhaps my advice my save you something... Here's hoping so!

And of course, it's a good idea to get an external hard drive and back up to it regularly.

Alburt said...

Cheers for comments. I've bought myself a back up drive fir the future, just in case.

Annoyingly I had put a lot of my stuff onto back up DVD's but when I tried to retrieve of them are not working for some reason.

Its bad luck month.

Miss Beaver said...


I'd certainly buy somethng you'd put together. I'm feeling very easily led astray (financially) today and was hoping to get the book too - shame the link's broken! Can you email me?



Alburt said...

Hi Ruth - I'm afraid I don't know your email address.

If I get something put together then I'll let you know.

Regarding the book - you can get a copy by posting us a cheque. Email me at and I'll sort it out for you.

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