Friday, February 09, 2007

1 day to go

Lumberjack and friends (2007)

My obsession with the wee lumberjack and his woodland adventures continues with these clay figures. They are slightly larger than I usually work with. Normally, figures I make are only about 1cm tall, with these however the lumberjack is about 10cm. I'm pretty pleased with the results and I think I might work at this scale again.

Had a nice meal with some friends in town last night, hadn't seen Alex and Cathie for ages so it was good to see them. Not quite finished the packing, will have to do so tonight. This time tomorrow morning Ann and I will be in the sky somewhere over the Atlantic.


•MaRCe said...

this figures are sooo nice!!! :D you are very very good!

Anonymous said...

what kind of caly are you using. i just started modeling and am using plasticine which is ok but has a really poor finish. liam

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