Friday, April 13, 2012

Uppercase Magazine

Got my first issue of the wonderful Uppercase magazine today in which an illustration of my little bean man makes an appearance, where he is enjoying some typical Scottish weather. (see extract above.)

I've been meaning to subscribe to the magazine for ages, having been an avid reader online and I'm glad I finally made the purchase as the real object is very nice. Strangely my first issue to arrive was No 13 and it arrived on Friday the 13th, seems a bit serendipitous. I shall take it as a good sign and fingers crossed Friday the 13ths unlucky effects are cancelled out.

After having super glued my fingers to a hook earlier on while making something for the Arches exhibition and knocking over a neatly sorted pile of paperwork I'll take all the bonus luck I can get.

Want your very own little Bean man dancing in the rain then why not visit my Etsy page here.

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